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Before you consider commissioning Bawk's Buttons, be sure to review the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT page. It will explain to you what you should expect (and be expected to do) when participating in a commission. All commissioners are also required to abide by the terms and conditions stated in the Rules of Engagement.

Shipping for within the USA is only $1.25. For all other countries shipping prices will vary. Please visit the ORDER page for shipping quotes AND directions on how to place custom orders.

All of the buttons offered on our website measure 1-1/4 inches in diameter. There are no bigger or smaller sizes available at this time.

Text-Only Buttons: $1 + Shipping
This commission option allows commissioners to use text and a simple image to create a custom design of their own. A great option for those who are money-strapped or looking for an outlet for their inside jokes. Bawk's Buttons also offers pre-made buttons for those whose creativity is out on vacation.

Custom Buttons by Bawk: $5 + Shipping
A nifty headshot of one's character doodled up by Bawk. Jolly rogers or alternative-type images done on request.
Commissioners also have the option of adding text at no extra charge!
You can see more examples of Bawk's artwork at

Pre-Made Image Buttons: $1 + Shipping
This options allows commissioner's to create buttons using text-only and images created by the commissioner. Please note that Bawk's Buttons will only use images that were made by or created for the commissioner (that is, the commissioner holds the copyright to the image or has been given exclusive written permission to use a copyrighted image).

Want to order 100+ buttons for a business, band, club, or fund-raiser of some sort? Then we have a special bulk-order price just for you!
For bulk orders, we will only charge you $50 per 100 buttons. That's half the price of our regular buttons! Bulk orders can have up to 5 different custom or pre-made text, designs, or images.

Please email us at for more information regarding this (or our other) commission options, or if you'd like to place a custom order.

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